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Potrero Hill
San Francisco, CA 94110


If you are looking for a pleasurable way to plan your wedding, you have come to the right place. 


Welcome to Sacred Weddings where your wedding is honored as a rite of passage.   Where your event is a reflection of your passion for each other.

About Freida

Freida Sebastian Neiman founded Sacred Weddings and Events in 2009, and has joyfully co-created weddings with over 80 couples throughout California, representing 20 nationalities and faith backgrounds.

By combining her experience as a corporate event planner with her own spiritual journey, Freida guides conscious couples through the wedding planning process with humor, love, quirkiness, and passion.  

Early in her career as a wedding planner, Freida had a vision that her life purpose was to bring the sacred nature of wedding planning that was missing from our culture back into her business as a wedding planner. She believes that when couples honor the process of planning a wedding together, they are creating solid foundation for a fun, sexy, and committed partnership.

Freida realized that there was a need for more support for couples to prepare for their marriage.  She created a new program called the Wedding Doula which is designed to empower engaged couples by truly preparing for their future and doing the deep inner work.

Freida has been happily married to her husband Brad since 2010, and they live together in San Francisco.

When she is not planning weddings, Freida spends her time cooking, listening to podcasts, reading and dancing.