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Potrero Hill
San Francisco, CA 94110


If you are looking for a pleasurable way to plan your wedding, you have come to the right place. 


Welcome to Sacred Weddings where your wedding is honored as a rite of passage.   Where your event is a reflection of your passion for each other.

My Philosophy

At Sacred Weddings, Freida works with couples who want to create a lifetime collaboration of passion and love.  Together, we create a wedding that expresses your vision, not just for an incredible party, but for your life.  Freida believes wedding planning should be sexy and pleasurable - it doesn’t have to be a painful process!

Along the way, we’ll meet regularly, often over a meal.  We’ll talk about the details, but we’ll also talk about the bigger picture.

  • Who are you together?
  • What kind of life do you want to have?
  • Who surrounds you and supports you on this journey?

We will use the significant moments along this rite of passage as an opportunity to develop and deepen your relationship with each other. You’ll emerge ready to express your unique and shared passion for your life together.

 Sacred Weddings for Conscious People